Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching 2019

—Interdisciplinary Intersections in Pronunciation Learning and Teaching— 

The 11th annual Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Conference will be held September 12-14, 2019 at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. PSLLT is an annual meeting that brings together language teachers and researchers who share an interest in second language pronunciation.

The proposal submission process is now closed. 

Plenary Speaker: Doug Biber, Northern Arizona University
Corpus Linguistics: Implications for Pronunciation Teaching and Learning

Language Learning Roundtable Discussion
Pragmatics: Naoko Taguchi, Carnegie Mellon University
Instructed SLA: Shawn Loewen, Michigan State University
Health Care Communication: Donald Rubin, University of Georgia
Corpus Linguistics: Lucy Pickering, Texas A&M Commerce
Assessment and Testing: Talia Isaacs, University College London

Pre-conference Workshops
Conducting L2 pronunciation research: Tracey Derwing (University of Alberta) and Murray Munro (Simon Fraser University)
Building spoken corpora: Eric Friginal (Georgia State University)

As we work to advance the field of L2 pronunciation teaching and learning, we look to interdisciplinary fields that have guided advancements in the teaching of other aspects of language learning. We can see that interdisciplinary fields such as corpus linguistics, pragmatics, instructed SLA, interpersonal communication, and assessment have served to inform and shape major changes in the areas of vocabulary and grammar instruction. However, these interdisciplinary fields have engaged less with pronunciation teaching and learning and thus deserve much more attention. At the same time, since less research in these fields focused on pronunciation teaching and learning, specialists within L2 pronunciation may be less familiar with advancements in these areas. Thus, we see the interdisciplinary engagement as needing to happen both ways: first, within the field of L2 pronunciation teaching and learning, applied linguists working in this area need to be familiarized with the new literature in these areas. Second, the experts within these interdisciplinary fields need to be aware of distinctive issues within pronunciation teaching and learning and be encouraged to produce new research in this area. To these ends, we hope that by bringing together core researchers in various disciplines at PSLLT 2019, we can embrace the spirit of interdisciplinarity by informing expert and novice researchers and teachers across fields to be inclusive of each other’s work through recognition, practice, or research.

Organizing Committee
Okim Kang, Northern Arizona University
Shelley Staples, University of Arizona
Alyssa Kermad, Appalachian State University
Kevin Hirschi, Northern Arizona University 

Graduate Assistants 
Kate Yaw, Northern Arizona University
Adriana Picoral, University of Arizona

Please contact Okim Kang at if you have any questions.

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